About Me and Current Writing Projects

I am a Canadian published author, reviewer, indie game designer, and I work on film projects.  I am a huge fan of horror but I also branch into science fiction and fantasy as well.

My past and current writing projects include:


War of the Soulites 1, 2, and 3 (Out of Print)-Lyrical Press

D.R.E.X Blackout: Accepted by Belfire Press and in the editing stages


Autumn's Spirit: Accepted by Lillibridge Press. Publisher is now discontinued.
Six Days Before Christmas-submitted to various markets. Waiting to hear back


Broken Control-Forging Freedom 2-Accpeted by Freedom Forge Press

The best place to order term papers or reach me is on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/natasha.bennett
If you send a tweet to me I might respond in a few months. Maybe. https://twitter.com/Natasha_Bennett

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