Saturday, December 5, 2009

Movie Review-Funny Games

First of all, let it be known that I really love this movie so I won't harp on it too much. The movie I'm reviewing is actually a remake of the 1997 version (which I haven't seen yet, so I can't comment on).

A happy family-George, Ann, and Georgie (junior) go to a lake house. They are soon visited by two neighbors, Paul and Peter, who ask for eggs, break them, and ask for more. Unfortunately for the family, it soon becomes clear that they're looking for a lot more after they break George's leg and declare that the family will be dead by the next morning.

I have a small confession to make-during this movie, I fast forwarded through some parts. I love character development as much as the next critic, but these parts were just dry. A significant time in the beginning is spent playing ‘guess that opera song on the radio' and there was a scene in the middle of the movie that literally took ten minutes of Ann untying herself. Unfortunately, it seems that the director somehow knew what I was doing and thoughtfully broke the forth wall to scold me a couple of times and rewind a scene (no, really).

But there's a lot of good things in this movie. I almost hesitate to even call it a movie, but a study in how normal civilized people don't work in the world of psychotic serial killers. In fact politeness is just a weapon as anything else in this movie. George, angry at Paul over an inappropriate comment, slaps him, then Peter breaks his leg. Peter shrugs, states that it wouldn't have happened if he was slapped, then Paul offers to help him if George is willing to take his pants off.

My only quirk with this movie is that there is a tad sense of unrealism. The fourth wall I already talked about, but I also have to wonder how Paul and Peter can literally terrorize the neighborhood over the past few days and still stay awake? Most of all, how can they wear all that white and not get bloodstains on it?

But it's really a minor issue and I have to say that I do love the kind of horror movies that play mind games rather than being gross. There is a small amount of gore for people who are into that too.

Yet for some reason I like saw...

Stars: 4/5

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