Thursday, June 3, 2010

Movie Review: The Legend of Lucy Keyes

Next on the B-movie Blogroll of Blandness: The Legend of Lucy Keyes.

Desiring to build eight windmills in the town of Princetown, a man named Guy Cooley moves into an abandoned farm with his family. Why he has to relocate with no construction crew in sight, I have no idea. Anyway, the family receive a chilling reception, partly because his daughter, Lucy, has the same name as a girl who died hundreds of years ago.

If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be a giant ‘meh.’ This is really B-movie and by that I mean the actors and a director working in a true amateur fashion, creating a movie that should be on television rather than a movie theater. The Legend of Lucy Keyes feels like it should be an episode of Tales of the Crypt…and even then it would be a pretty lame episode.

Most of the film is spent with the family trying to fit in with the neighborhood. There are maybe four or five scenes with a ghost actually present, and the effects are so terrible it’s more laughable than scary. What really slows this movie down to a crawl is the amount of recapping. A neighbor threatens the family, the couple talks about it. The town votes on the windmills, the couple talk about it. Lucy gets mad, the couple talk. You know movie, I am actually paying attention. I don’t need a constant reminder of what’s happening every five seconds!

It doesn’t help that the two main characters are uninteresting and never go beyond the practical-but-concerned-mother-and-father role. We get one or two snippets of backstory which could have made these two more interesting, but they never come to fruition. The only actress pulling her weight is Cassidy Hinkle, who plays cute-as-a-button Lucy Keyes. Until she throws an occasional temper tantrum, which did wonders for my migrane last night. Her sister Molly really should have been cut from this movie. The poor kid has no plot in this movie, and her only lines were telling her parents where Lucy was. Oddly enough this ranges from not caring to crying hysterically in concern…and then back to not caring.

The ending is actually a little disturbing. Most horror movies and books draw a line at child abuse, and rightfully so. While this film is not gory in any way, it does skirt close to this line with what they put Lucy through by the end.

FINAL GRADE: 1 star out of 5. If you have any wimpy friends who want to just say they watched a horror movie, I would recommend this film.

Holy crap! A movie that is honestly based on a true story!

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