Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ju-On vs the Grudge: Part 2

Blogger's Note: For a review of each movie, please scroll down to part one.

Over the years I could never really get into the Grudge series, for two reasons-the premise and Kayako herself. There was barely any motivation for her to go out and kill dozens, if not hundreds of people. And since she's not the only person in this world to die a cruel death, wouldn't the resulting curses cause a serious pandemic? Heck, wouldn't all the people entering her house cause a serious pandemic?

As a ghost, she was just far too powerful. She couldn't be defeated, she couldn't be reasoned with-heck, most of the times she couldn't even be communicated with. To prove my point, here is a list of all of Kayako's super-powers during both the Grudge and the Ju-On series. Kayako can:

1) Spontaneously disappear and reappear in a different place, usually when someone is running away.
2) Appear and 'grow' out of the floor or ceiling. She can also use her hair to grab someone and latch them onto the ceiling.
3) Appear in various objects, such as paintings, photos, and bodies of water.
4) Grab victims and make them disappear into thin air.
5) Possess people to the point of becoming psychotic/insane/cationic.
6) Influence physical objects such as cell phones.
7) Able to teleport people from one location to another.
8) Able to teleport people from one timeframe to another, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that the next leap will bring them closer to-oh, wait, that's Quantum Leap. Well, somehow it still happened in Ju-On The Grudge 2.
9) Able to possess a pregnant woman and be reborn as a living human being.
10) Able to physically rip apart a human being to shreds.
11) Resurrect the people she kills as zombies.

And if nothing else, Kayako can:

12) Start a frigging clone army!

What, you don't remember that from the Grudge? This is from Ju-On, and it doesn't fool around!

Inconsistency is a recurring theme in this series. Why does Kayako sometimes wait years to kill people but only days for others? Is her power only limited to people who enter the house? That isn't true in some of the movies, so why did she become 'unleashed' in the Grudge 2? Why does Kayako take her time to scare people before killing them? Is there a fear quota she is trying to meet? Why does she even want to kill people to begin with? What is the point of these movies????

So that's my two-part review of the Grudge and Ju-On movies. Will there be another one? Who knows-anything is possible, and they've certainly made remakes out of worse.

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