Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

Bloggers' Note: Minor Spoilers for this film.

Shortly after the events of Resident Evil Extinction, Alice begins a clone war to take down Umbrella. During a blotched operation in Tokyo, Alice is injected with a drug that essentially makes her human again. Now alone, she attempts to find the survivors who went to Arcadia, a place where there is apparently no infection.

I'll be generous and start with the good points first.The 3-D in this movie is genuinely better than a lot of the 3-D movies that are currently released. While it is no match for Avatar (and I don't believe anything ever will be), it actually tries to use 3-D effects in 90% of the film, unlike other movies that stick it in every now and then. I particularly liked the opening shot.

The writer's wrote themselves into a corner by making Alice all-powerful, thereby killing any suspense in the film. Making her human was the smartest thing they could have done. And, while I hate to admit it, watching Alice kick ass in any form is really cool to watch. Milla Jovovich may be only able to play one role, but she does it so well.

Now for the bad parts.

Anyone who has seen the trailer for this film will probably figure out that they will need to turn off their brain to enjoy this film, but there are just so many glaring plot holes that they are impossible to ignore. My favourite is when Alice turns back into a human, she is on a plane. This plane crashes face-first into a mountain at top speed...and Alice steps out without any damage at all. Not a scratch. Alice and Claire's make-up and perfect hair are a little distracting in this film as well. Hard to picture where they had time to do that. It was especially bad when there is a scene when Claire is covered from head -to-toe in mud, and a scene later she is back to being beautiful again. The amount of slow motion in this film is annoying too.

Characterization also takes a hit in this film. Later Alice meets a group of survivors on a rooftop, and they are so flat and one-dimensional you can pretty much guess in what order they get killed. One of these survivors is (minor spoiler) a character called Chris. Anyone who's played the Resident Evil games know who this is, but believe me this is in no way developed. He is also Claire's brother, but again, this is only established briefly in one scene and there are no tear-jerking moments later. This guy might as well be Jail Warden Bob for all the audience cares.

On the other hand, Wesker is cool.


FINAL GRADE: 2 ½ out of 5. Not my favourite in the series, but somewhat entertaining. It's definitely a guilty pleasure.

Here's something I don't understand. Why in a 3-D movie are the movie trailers for other 3-D movies like Tron shown in 2-D?????


Dempsey Sanders said...

I have eagerly waited for this movie for so long, I have been a die hard fan of RE. Its a shame its more of a guilty pleasure than a triumph. I'm off to see this tommorrow, but like you, I think it will be more of a guilty pleasure than a triumph

Resident Evil : Afterlife said...

Wesker is not cool - Wesker is the bomb! I would have given the movie a 3/5 score, but i understand you decision.