Friday, December 10, 2010

Game Review: Fallout New Vegas Part 2

Contrary to what I said in my earlier post, I do actually like playing the good guy first. When it comes to aiding the sobbing citizen or nuking the whole village, I do prefer wearing the hero badge first (and then nuking in my second play-through). 

In Fallout New Vegas, I choose the NCR as my primary faction. I mean, sure, they might ignore the little people every now and then but who else am I going to pick? The Great Khans who like beating to death every new recruit? The Fiends who are hooked on drugs? The Legion who like to wear togas and crucify people?

So I picked the NCR-the hard working soldiers on the edge of desperation, who needed something to believe in. I would lead these people and together we would protect the Hoover Dam against the Legion and whoever else dared to defy the Vegas Strip. I would bring prosperity and stability to the land before retiring to my new-found home in Goodsprings, chugging back a nuka-cola and having a merry chuckle about how crazy the Wasteland was before I arrived.

At least, that was how things were supposed to happen.

Here's what happened in reality-I had one more mission before the big battle-preventing the assassination of some president who only decided to show up near the end of the game. The mission went off without a hitch, although by this point the game was freezing up so much that I had to restart every two minutes, but it didn't matter! I was going to win this, even if I had to break my PS3 (again) to do it! I murdered anyone who dared to kill the president, and then I proudly returned to my commanding officer for the final mission.

My commanding officer who wasn't there.

My commanding officer who would never be there.

Because of a game glitch.

Long story short, in order to complete the game I had to go with another faction against the NCR, which means the Wasteland is thrown into anarchy and chaos for several years.

My advice? Buy this game only after twenty patches have been released first.

Now I need to go somewhere and cry. :(

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E.J. Wesley said...

I'd heard this game was buggy as all get out. Sadly, I haven't been able to play either Fallout, because I get incredibly motion sick on those games for whatever reason.

I thought Elder Scrolls Oblivion was an amazing game (made by same folks as Fallout), but had to give it away because of the motion sickness it caused.

I'm done whining. :)