Sunday, December 19, 2010

Movie Review: Passed the Door of Darkness

As I said before, I am willing to forgive Fear Chamber for most of its faults, because that movie at least has a plot that makes sense and dialogue that doesn't make me want to throw my laptop off the balcony. No, that honor belongs to a movie called 'Passed the Door of Darkness'. Yeah, that title just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

In concept the movie sounds interesting: Two 'buddy' cops are pitted against a serial killer who kills his victims with elaborate traps, usually triggered by a loved one opening the door.

In order for people to understand why I really hate this movie, I really have to explain how the buddy cop films usually play out: two police officers of different viewpoints are forced to work together. They spend a great deal of time arguing over these viewpoints, but usually come to some understanding and mutual respect. Most of these scenarios are played out by a rookie hot-headed cop, and a cool-headed veteran cop.

Not in this film, though. In this one the rookie cop (Malloy) and veteran cop (MacCasey) argue, and argue, and argue, and chew through some awful dialogue, swear at each other, then argue some more right to the finish. There is nothing likeable or redeemable about these two characters. One is just foot-in-the-mouth stupid and the other is more than a little crazy, enough that the audience thinks this is the actual killer (but of course, it's a red herring). There is an angry police chief in this movie, but he's too busy trying to figure out what kind of drugs his officers are on most of the time.

It really doesn't help that the dialogue in this movie is simply atrocious and most of the time painful. As an example, this is the very first scene with the two detectives in the restaurant.

MacCasey: It's too damn hot in here.
Malloy: I'm not hot. Where the hell do you put all that food? Nice hat. Is it new?
MacCasey: (silence)
Malloy: I know we haven't gotten to know each other in the last few couple of days McCaisy. But...I dunno, maybe you're on to something with your whole 'thing.' Maybe we outta be working to change the face of the department. Bring back the days when the detectives have class.
MacCasey: It's best to keep one's trap shut and be thought an idiot then blather on and prove it.

And it goes downhill from there.

Unlike Fear Chamber, the paranormal subplot is downplayed to almost nothing. There is some suspicion that the murderer might be a ghost or the devil, but when the truth is revealed, I have to wonder why this movie was put in the horror genre at all. I will admit that some of the gore is actually pretty stomach-turning, so I can give it half a point for that.

The ending to this film is just horrible, and does its best to rip off Fight Club. However, the more I think about why this person would be a killer, the more it just doesn't make any sense. It also doesn't make any sense what this character does to his girlfriend afterwards, a woman he genuinely loves.

FINAL GRADE: ½ out of 5. It feels like I'm missing some vital plot points from watching this movie, but I think that's because the writers forgot to add them in. Overall this movie is horrible, and icky. 

And of course, it's always a great sign that your movie is awesome when the website has thirty viruses in it...

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