Saturday, September 14, 2013

On hiatus

Hi everyone,

As people have probably guessed by the lack of updates, Blue Haven Reviews is going to be on hiatus, possibly permanently. The fact is, with my currently schedule I just don't have the time to review movies and games and update my blog as I should be, and I think it's time to move onto other things. That does not mean, however, that I have not given up my writing, and there is a plan is in the works to be creating a new website which focuses solely on that.

Because this blog has reviews of other author's works, along with some generally good content, I will be leaving it on-line for the time being. If anyone has any questions or are just curious to know where I am at, feel free to reach out to me on facebook at

Thanks to everyone who tuned into this blog. :) Your comments and insight were always appreciated and kept this blog going far longer than I ever thought possible.



Chris Hewson said...

I'm sad to see the possible end of Blue Haven Reviews. Thanks for all the reviews over the years, and for being one of the main inspirations for my own blogging!

Natasha Bennett said...

Thanks Chris!