Thursday, October 8, 2015

Author Interview: Paul Wigmore

Today I would like to welcome Paul Wigmore, Author of 'The Tapestry'

Natasha: Tell me something about yourself. How long have you been writing? When you are not writing, how do you like to spend your free time?

Paul: I have been writing for quite some time now, maybe fifteen years or more as my first book took so long to finish. Mainly because I saw it as a little hobby at first which I would pick up every now and again when I had a new idea. I now generally sit in front of my computer or pace around the house more like, until the right idea comes to me... As long as I have written something, it’s fine, I can always change it later but writing nothing is just well..pointless. When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing which usually consists of planning the perfect murder and how to get away with it… (Which I have already figured out now) or spending time with the kids, affectionately known as ‘the wiglets.’

Natasha: Tell us a little about your book. What was your favorite scene to write? What was your least favorite scene?

Paul: The Tapestry begins with a little boy who has been unfairly treated in life, abused by his step-father and consequently his mother for letting it happen. He becomes socially awkward and withdrawn as a result. Eventually leading to the nickname ‘The Freak’ which follows him into adulthood. This makes him easy prey for a demon that has been incarcerated on hallowed ground that needs a soul to help him escape so when Gavin is murdered, he is ripe for the picking as he has a tormented soul already. When the Demon and The Freak join forces, there is not much hope apart from the secrets that are held in a magical tapestry which has been handed down to a psychic named Clara who is unwittingly, The Guardian…Keeper of the Dragonfire and the only one who can save the human race from utter devastation.

There is a scene in the book where Gavin or ‘the freak’ is learning the dark magic from the demon Saul. He eventually manages to conjure a dove from thin air, which seems nice enough, but when the dove is set free Saul (the demon) takes a ‘ride’ with it meaning he can travel with the bird in its head but he can’t control it as he is still on hallowed ground but the bird decides to take an early supper and picks on a wayward drunk stumbling home from a night out… This is no dove of peace though. Its beak has many tiny razor sharp teeth and virtually rips the man’s face apart before flying off, with his eyeball in tow. It reminded me of a scene from Hitchcocks ‘The Birds’. I can’t say I have a least favourite scene but when Gavin opens some of the doors inside his own mind and he eventually realises what he became. It is a little upsetting and you do genuinely feel sorry for him.

Natasha: Do you have any other exciting projects come out?

Paul: I have just finished the second part of this series which will be released on Halloween this year. It’s called The Weavemaker and it’s a lot more to do with why there is a magical tapestry, who created it and what can it do?

Natasha: Do you have any advice for other writers trying to get published?

Paul: I am a strong advocate of the self-publishing route if you can do it. The reasons behind this is that I have read some amazing books over the last couple of years which I may not have had the chance to if the author had just relied on the traditional printing presses as amazing novels are rejected all the time, just because it’s not what they are looking for at that time. With self-publishing, you are relying on the readers and their reviews and word of mouth, as well as your own marketing tactics to get the word out. And I feel that the words of an honest genuine reader mean more to me than someone who has a set idea of what they are and aren’t accepting this season.

Natasha: What is the best way for readers to reach you?

Paul: Readers are welcome to leave me a message or ask me a question at
Twitter is @paulwigmore1

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