Friday, October 9, 2015

Magazine Review: Nothing's Sacred Volume 3 by Jack of No Trades Productions

Nothing's Sacred Volume 3 is both an e-zine and a limited print edition as well. It has a collection of non-fiction, poetry, artwork, two sentence horror, and bite-sized fiction, with the largest story clocking in close to 3,500 words.

The magazine's layout is pretty interesting, with a few different backgrounds to suit a theme of a particular story. For example, a story about a couple lost on the highway actually has a highway background. You would think this would make it hard to read, but it thankfully this is not the case. My advice to the publisher is to have more themes like this, and perhaps stay away from chrome as a more unique background would be more visually impressive. I would also advise a slight rearrangement to have the first story ahead of the advertisement, but aside from that it's a very enjoyable read.

Below is a summary of each story:

Used People: A man sees seeing several mysterious people who are watching him and his Uncle.

My Grandfather's Closet: A man who discovers a hidden staircase after his Grandfather dies and is told to keep away from it.

Burning for You: A man visits a prisoner who has drawn too much attention to himself.

Interstate 80: A couple is lost on the highway and are picked up by a mysterious man.

Rough Justice: A man at a bar tries a new type of drink with a strangely familiar name.

Overall I would encourage people to check out this magazine, as it's a fun collection of stories, poem, and artwork. Nothing's Sacred Volume 3 will be available October 16th here.

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